6 Comments on “The Facebook Newsfeed: How to Use it For Increased Engagement”

    1. John Souza

      @Belle, it depends on several factors, first do you have any expertise on this subject? The best addition/recovery blogs are run by people who have qualifications in the field. Secondly, do your research – where are there gaps in the market? Think about creating something for a specific community, for a more niche specific angle! Good luck!

  1. Richard Greer

    Hi Socialmediamagic,
    Thanks for your thoughts With the number of people using Facebook increasing by the day not many online marketers realize the opportunity offered by this social networking site for marketing. Many of those who use Facebook have largely used it for other activities but not making money online. The few who have realized how they can gain a lot in monetary terms from Facebook have remained a head of the park. But still many ask themselves what they can do to fully exploit this marketing opportunity offered by Facebook not only for the short term but also for long term benefits. The first thing that one needs to do is to understand how to use the site to increase traffic in your blog. Once you have directed web traffic in your blog through Facebook then you can now engage this same traffic in marketing your goods and services

    1. John Souza

      @Richard – hopefully more and more businesses will realize the potential that Facebook has, as a marketing tool this year. Using Facebook to boost blog traffic is definitely a great tactic, especially if you sell products directly from your blog!

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