How To Use Facebook Offers To Promote Your Business

Facebook recently launched ‘Facebook offers’ a new and exciting way for businesses to promote their products and services online. This kind of social interaction is exactly what a business needs to form closer relationships with Facebook fans, to improve connectivity and exposure online. But how should your business be using Facebook offers?

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What is Facebook Offers?

Businesses and brands can post offers on their Facebook pages, which their fans can then redeem in person, as a discount or coupon. To claim a coupon, a fan just needs to click on it – then an email is sent with the details that the fan can print out, and use. This Facebook service is free to use, and you can create as many discounts as you like.

A New Dimension To Facebook Advertising

Brands are always looking for ways to increase exposure, because finding business can be tough. With this new dimension to Facebook advertising, businesses no longer have to mess around with print coupons, newspaper placements, or untrustworthy sites like Groupon. Instead, they can harness the power of their fan base and source direct sales from them.

Posting an Offer

Posting an offer on Facebook couldn’t be easier. For restaurants, gyms, salons and other ‘walk-in’ businesses, offers will become a primary means of advertising. Simply create an offer, fill in the fields and publish to your Facebook page. Facebook will show your offer to a number of people on the platform, though not everyone.

Fans will be able to see a brief pitch – ‘Exclusive to Facebook: Buy one bagel, get a coffee for free!’ – and a ‘Get offer’ button below it. They’ll also be able to see the number of people that have already claimed your deal, which only prompts more people to do the same. These offers have an expiry date, so you can set them for short periods, to rapidly increase business.

Business Promotions With Offers

Getting the word out about your business is essential if you’re going to turn a profit. Just remember that running an offer on its own won’t make you much money. Train yourself to see offers as a free advertising tool. You must prepare other ‘upsells’ in your shop to make the most of the additional foot traffic you’ll get from the deal.

So, for example, you’ll give away free coffee – but your real goal is to sell your deluxe bagels and panini sandwiches. When your customers are in your shop, hand them another coupon, for another incentive that will bring them back. Juggle your upsells, but try to retain the foot traffic that you get in, each time you launch an offer on Facebook.

Facebook offers can be a major blessing for your company, if you learn to use them correctly. Coupons will get you the customers you need, but you need to make sure they return again and again, with your savvy marketing tactics.

Try Facebook offers for yourself, and tell me how it went! I’d love to hear from the SMM community about your experiences with this new ad tool!

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