2 Comments on “Google+ Launches Business Pages: Will This Change Everything?”

  1. Rose

    So here’s a Q that may seem funny . . .
    Once you create a business page – where IS it when you log in?
    I know I created one when they first came out, but when I sign in – it goes directly to my personal account with no main buttons (that I can see) that takes me to my biz page to publish. I don’t get it!

    1. John Souza

      @Rose – Not a funny question at all. A lot of people can’t seem to find it at first, because its quite small and well hidden. Check out your profile pic on your Google+ personal page. If you’ve completed your business page, it should show a number of pages right next to your name and pic. Click the drop down, and that’s where your biz page is hiding. Hope this helps!

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