11 Comments on “How To NOT Use Hashtags on Facebook With REAL Examples!”

  1. Nicole Healing

    Whilst I agree with these basic principles I think from the user side, the majority of people will use hashtags in much the same way as they do on Twitter, and less like on G+ or LinkedIn, say.

    1. John Souza

      Hi Nicole, you’re right, most users will adopt the Twitter-esque hashtag use, which is sad (and a little irritating) – but hopefully, business users aren’t lured in! It’s all about best practices when it comes to Facebook strategy, don’t you agree?

        1. John Souza

          #workmode error accepted πŸ™‚ I’m already seeing Twitter hashtag use on FB. Share this link and save lives!

          1. John Souza

            Wow interesting, especially that people want to take a vacation from social media! 31% for 18-24 year olds, that’s very revealing. This information fatigue is definitely going to increase in the coming years. Maybe I should do a post on it? What do you think Nicole?

          2. Nicole Healing

            I know, but I do know a few people who have deactivated due to social media fatigue! I’ve written a similar post about why we’re defriended for my co. – I’ll link you up when it goes live. I think you should definitely write it up. It’s a fascinating subject.

  2. Suzanne L Kish

    Hello, I am new to all of this. How do I know which words I can put hashtags in front of to be able to refer to another article in another location?

    1. John Souza

      Hashtag words are keywords, so the same rules apply. Generally in marketing a hashtag should be short, simple and no more than 2-3 words. They aren’t used as links, but rather as a way to find similar content on the site you are using. Does this help?

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