4 Comments on “How Important is it to Separate Your Professional Persona From Your Personal Persona Online?”

  1. Rahc Wilson

    I believe that you should have you’re real name under sites where you show your professional personal and a nick name for your personal personal. But like the article said, you still should so the same personality on both. One of the things I try to be conscious of is using foul language in personal online text. In stead of using the hole word I at least try to use symbols. I know that the professional world is watching and judging people from their Facebooks, Twitters, an so on. Thats is why I say it is important to keep your online personals separate, but with the same honest personality.

    1. John Souza

      @Rahc – It is important to stay as honest as possible on both sides, especially because Google likes indexing personal updates and slapping them on page 1 when people search your name. Its all about first impressions, so you’re right to substitute harsh language with symbols (or better find a more creative way of expressing yourself). As long as you keep in mind that people are out there watching – it can save you a lot of unwanted stress. Thanks for the insight, its nice to see that there are business people online that are conscious of the ‘Google gaze.’

  2. Melvin Beaker

    I believe it is somewhat important to separate your personal persona from your professional persona because you want your personal life to be kept a little private. However, your personal persona will spill over into your professional persona, especially online. If you have a good reputation on and off line, then people will be more likely to trust you and patronize your business and vice versa.

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