How To Leverage Klout For Business: 4 Easy Steps

The social influence site, Klout, continues to gain momentum – which leaves businesses with the question, “how do I use Klout to improve my business?” While Klout has divided the social media world into users and non-users, it’s still a powerful tool for social evidence. Today, I’m going to show you how to leverage your Klout score for business.

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#1: Screenshots of Social Proof

If you have a social media strategy in place, then your Klout score can get pretty high. Klout will always assign a number to you, based on the ‘social influence’ they see you having. You can leverage this ever-changing number by snapping screenshots of it, when it’s particularly high – and then using these images in marketing materials and videos as social proof.

Tip! Post your high score on Pinterest to get comments about your brand from your fans, and from the Pinterest world at large.

#2: A Public Certification Program

If your company is in the technology field, in social media, SEO, web design or any number of other ‘modern’ industry choices,
then your Klout score will act as your badge of honor. It proves to your clients that you understand the online social landscape, and when they see who and how you influence people, they’ll feel comfortable giving their business to you.

Tip! Add a link to your Klout score on your email signature, on business cards – anywhere that will make it easy for your potential clients to see it, and check it out.

#3: Work on Improving Your Score

In the industry 50 is considered an elite Klout score, with above average coming in at 30, and 20 to be average. If you improve your Klout score, or work towards getting a really great score, you can unlock all sorts of opportunities. For example, having a high Klout score attracts media attention, and is a fast way to prove to a blogger or journalist, that you are an influencer in your niche.

Tip! Use your Klout score to land awesome interviews with bloggers and journalists to get your business more public exposure.

#4: Find Highly Engaging Influencers

Part of your social media strategy should be to invite ‘influencers’ in your niche to posts blogs and create content for your sites. Klout is a great way to find these people, as those with higher Klout scores are naturally more engaging or interactive online. It sure beats sending 50 emails to 50 different ‘experts’ and getting 3 replies.

Tip! Find 5 influencers with high Klout scores and get them to guest post on your blog. Their high scores mean that they’ll have large social networks, for more traffic!

Klout is an excellent platform to use, if it enhances your social profile online. Be careful though – if you’re going to promote your Klout score, make sure it’s always high. This means a dedicated social strategy with everyday posting and engagement.

How do you use Klout to leverage your business? Leave a tip for the SMM community, and begin your rise to social influence!

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