9 Comments on “Niche Social Networking Sites – Video Sharing Sites”

  1. Marin Dague

    Awesome review. I got to your site through bing while i was looking for web hosting services. I will turn over your site to other people and I am sure they hopefully think the same about your writing on this site.Cheers

  2. nick@allergy symptoms

    It is truly a great idea to use social marketing to get more traffic. Rely on one egg, (Google) can shoot you in the foot if Google decides it doesnt like your site.

    Having other eggs makes the damage if this does happen a smaller impact. Giving you time to rectify what you have done wrong.

    Not just that but you can get followers and a fan base with social networks. Having more and more social networks to market from gives you a wider range of people.

    Nice list by the way!

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