2 Comments on “Recruiting on Facebook: Is It Possible?”

  1. Madeline Mainit

    This was great insight about using Facebook as a recruiting tool for employers!

    It does make sense for employers to tap into the social network of 800 million users to find their “next ideal employee”. This does bring up the idea that employers need to understand how to target to the people that they want. You have brought up great tips on how to source the Facebook marketplace and get more views for your posts. Your tip to get apps that allow the user to upload their resumes directly on the fan page would be very useful from an employer’s standpoint. More recruiters are seeing that Facebook can be utilized in a way to improve their recruiting strategies; thus, it is important to get a better understanding of how to use their Facebook from a recruiting standpoint. A great source for Facebook recruiting techniques is http://employers.identified.com/blog/?Tag=Facebook+Recruitment which consists of blogs like “Optimize your Facebook Recruitment Experience” and “How to Use New Facebook Features for Recruitment”. Social media has impacted today’s society and it is important to get an understanding on how to use avenues like Facebook to improve the search of finding potential employees quickly because it truly can be a great benefit to employers.

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