The Top 10 Markets To Tap Into With Social Media

Business owners often wonder which markets would benefit the most from a healthy injection of social marketing. That’s why today, I’m going to rank the 10 markets that are flourishing with social media integration. If you’ve been looking for a new niche, or a way to use social media in more practical ways, check out these niches.

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#1: Real Estate Sales

At number 1, is the real estate industry. People love connecting and sharing text, images and videos about property. Plus, the realtors have learned to use mobile social technology, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to increase sales – even for big ticket items like multi-million dollar homes

#2: Careers Niche

Job hunting, head hunting, executive search and career advice couldn’t be a bigger social niche than it is right now. If you’re in careers, you’re in social.

#3: Blogging For Money

In at 3 is blogging for money – loads of people are teaching individuals and companies how to achieve excellent results by running a business blog.

#4: Universities

Education loves social media – to the point where students are even connected to a mobile social network to receive direct updates from the Dean.

#5: PC Hardware

Direct sales for PC and tech equipment abounds, not only on private sites, but on places like Ebay, Amazon and Craigslist – where it’s all built around social communities.

#6: Technology Field

With gadgets, innovations, technology and inventions on the rise, the tech field is very integrated with all things social media. You’ll find that tech newsletters have the best social integration of all, with an entire community infused into monthly updates.

#7: Mobile Marketing

While mobile marketing is technically a form of social media, there’s no doubting that social and mobile belong together. It’s the hottest niche right now, by far.

#8: Social Media

Strange as it sounds, social media itself is a massive niche, with millions of people claiming to be ‘experts’ on the subject. I guess as a viral niche, you don’t get any better! If you select this niche though, make sure you start from the ground up.

#9: Gaming Niche

App games, PC games or console games – the world is obsessed with gaming. That’s why it works so well with social media. Gamers want to be in-the-know all the time.

#10: The Humor Racket

Coming in last is a vague niche that still dominates the internet – humor! With memes and joke sites on the rise, social is taking this niche to a whole new level. One meme has so much viral potential that millions of people could view it after just a few hours.

These 10 niches are the fields that are making the most of social media, to modernize their processes and make more money. If you’ve been searching for a new niche that would benefit from your social media skills – pick one of these!

Heard of any other niches that should be part of this list? Tell me what it is and why it’s leading the way with social media, here.

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