Top 10 Movies That Ran Successful Social Media Campaigns

We live in a media soaked world, and for big companies that have deep pockets – using social media for reach and profit is the new ‘guaranteed’ success they’ve been looking for. Today, I’m going to expose the top 10 films that made it, using social media for promotion and viral marketing in real time.

1: The Hunger Games

Continuing with its overnight fame from the books, the Hunger Games movie launched a thorough social marketing plan that worked. They funneled fans from Facebook and Twitter to a website where they could register as a citizen of the make believe-world. You’d also be able to share your profile images across your social sites, and interact with other fans.

#2: Monsters vs. Aliens

This Dreamworks hit offered fans a chance to win tickets through a Facebook app. You could also use this app to buy tickets for yourself and your family. Facebook was the central arena for Dreamwork’s campaign, which turned out to be a resounding success.

#3: Paranormal Activity

Potentially the most loved and most successful horror movie of 2007, was created for a measly $15 million and made over $150 million dollars at the box office. This was all thanks to the Facebook page that fueled word of mouth hype.

#4: Alice in Wonderland

Disney launched a viral Twitter and Facebook campaign that allowed fans to become loyal subjects of the red queen, the white queen, or a disloyal subject of the mad hatter. The largest army of followers would then receive access to an exclusive trailer, that no-one else could see. It was an instant viral hit. Even today the Facebook page has 10 million fans.

#5: Hot Tub Time Machine

This comedy used Facebook and ‘Eventful’ a screening app, to request screenings in their area. Get enough people to sign on, and it creates awareness. It also automatically makes screening the film in a particular area worthwhile.

#6: Toy Story 3

Pixar and Disney focused on creating a lot of viral video commercials with ‘Lots o’ Huggin Bear’ a key character in the movie. People loved these ads and shared them all over the place, creating a lot of viral buzz on sites like Youtube, MySpace and Facebook.

#7: Inception

Warner Brothers cottoned onto the whole viral marketing game, and flooded the internet with viral-social campaigns. One of these was to use a location based service like Foursquare to promote the movie, only the service they used was called SCVNGR.

#8: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2

This movie caused a 29 million strong Facebook page following, with 100,000 new users a day leading up to the release. Behind the scenes clips and images, along with interviews were the cause of this boom. At the launch, Twitter received live pics from the premier, from the HP team using the Twitpic app. Youtube received an exclusive live stream of the event.

#9: TRON: Legacy

One of the largest campaigns online can be attributed to Disney’s TRON film. Already a cult classic, fans flocked to find out more about the new movie. Twitter was the main site used as the repository for all viral TRON info. It worked like a charm.

#10: Twilight Movies

You can’t mention movies on social media without Twilight. It was the first movie ever to reach 1 million followers on Twitter. The Twitter page focused on everything Twilight, press releases, blogs, pictures, exclusive news, video clips and fan comments.

Do you know of a movie that has enjoyed success from social media? Tell us about it below.

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