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LinkedIn is changing the way people find and do business on and off the web.

Did you know LinkedIn can help you drive traffic, generate leads, build credibility, expand your reach, increase revenue, and so much more?

If you’re still using it as a place to just dump your old resume, it’s time for a BIG change.

With hundreds of millions professionals and growing fast (with new users signing up every second), now is the time to learn the right way to get the word out about your business and leverage everything LinkedIn has to offer.

LinkedIn gives you a fantastic opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition, but only if you know how to take advantage of its powerful networking tools and resources.

When you make the smart choice to let our award-winning LinkedIn Essentials course give you the support you need, you’ll be able to quickly and easily combine the most effective social media techniques with time-tested and proven professional networking strategies to make the most of this incredible platform.

What It Is

LinkedIn ( is home to the web’s largest audience of professionals. It is an interactive, online network that “connects the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.”

What It Does

LinkedIn offers you an unmatched way to promote, connect and powerfully brand yourself and your company.
When you know how to use LinkedIn the right way, you can:

  • Dramatically expand your reach as you grow your network with quality and quantity contacts..
  • Quickly establish and boost your credibility so you can easily attract new leads, referrals and business.
  • Significantly improve the impact of your PR for your company, products, and/or services.
  • Build mutually beneficial relationships with your peers and leaders in your industry as you share key insights, knowledge and experience.
  • Conduct in-depth research on rival companies, competition or new opportunities.
  • Garner priceless professional recommendations and key alliances that can help you now and long into the future.
  • And, so much more…

With results like these, it’s no wonder that countless B2B companies report that LinkedIn is the most effective platform they use for engaging new prospects and gaining leads.

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Our Students LOVE Our Training!

Good session with SMMU!
Ria Luitjes
Owner / MIXmarketing
I have taken SMMU training program twice and am planning on taking it for a third time. John's knowledge about Social Media and other Internet Marketing are excellent.
Maribel Cristelgo
Owner / Forever Young Corporation
The overview, specifically the strategy session on how to plan for using Social Media was great. The presenter for Twitter and You Tube were very, very good!
Stefanie Rubin
Vice President of Product Development / Domain Development Corp
I like SMMU's sessions on video. Simple & Easy to do! Thanks!
Marc Hudson
Financial Coach
@Jeff_Schneider learning mounds of goodness @SMMagic Twitter course u facilitate.
James Easterling
Business Intructor / Southern Careers Institute
Very motivated by #SMMU @jeffbullas presentation this afternoon. Thanks! Now I'm going to "just start."
Christine F McIsaac
Exceptional session today. Extremely informative & improved my understanding of social media & how to effectively use it.
John Wes Green
Director Digital Strategy / Harte Hanks Direct
This #Webinar was SO beneficial!! Thank you #SMMU I can't wait to sign up for classes!
Moesha Mitchell

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Why You Need It

The benefits of LinkedIn will speak for themselves.
However, if you’re not taking advantage of everything LinkedIn offers, you can be sure your competition is.

  • LinkedIn members are decision makers and key influencers. Are you getting their attention? Of LinkedIn’s 150 million users, 80% report they make or influence the key decisions in their companies.But, if you haven’t optimized your profile, established your expertise, or grown your network correctly, can you really expect them to find or listen to you?
  • They’re looking for you, but they found your competition. LinkedIn members conduct billions professionally-oriented searches on the site.But, if your profile wasn’t search engine optimized, or if you weren’t participating in groups, or responding to questions in the Answers Tool, you can be sure they passed right by you … and your competition isn’t complaining one bit.
  • Users trust LinkedIn more than any other social networking site. Can they trust you? LinkedIn users report having exceptionally high confidence in the information they find on LinkedIn. Compared that to Twitter or Facebook, it’s obvious that LinkedIn carries real credibility among the people who matter.But, if users can’t find you or if you have an incomplete or inactive profile, are they really going to trust you?

    They’ll give your competition the leads, referrals, and exposure that could’ve easily been yours … if you knew how to use LinkedIn the right way.

You Need to Change the Way You Use LinkedIn

To stay one step ahead of your competition, you need to learn the right way to make LinkedIn work for you.

At SMMU, our cutting-edge LinkedIn training will help you successfully tap into this important professional platform in the fastest, most effective way possible

Click the button below to start taking advantage of everything a strategic LinkedIn plan can offer you.

How You Will Benifit

Our industry-leading LinkedIn Essentials course offers you all the important information you need to leverage the real power of LinkedIn in one convenient place.

  • Learn how to optimize your entire LinkedIn profile for success. There’s an art and science to creating a LinkedIn profile the right way. We’ll show you how to avoid the mistakes that so millions of others already are.
  • Discover how to make LinkedIn work magic for you. Contrary to popular belief, LinkedIn is way more than just a “calling card.” When you learn how to take advantage of social media integration on LinkedIn, you can leverage LinkedIn’s own traffic, user demographic, and overall status to your benefit.
  • Find out how to boost your credibility, reach, leads, traffic, sales and more. By learning what a LinkedIn thought leader is and – more importantly – finding out how to become one, you can take yourself and your business to the next level quicker than you ever thought possible. The course shows you exactly what to do to get started on the fast track to success.
  • Learn how to dramatically improve your ranking. Using little-known, but massively effective techniques you can give your rank the boost it needs to get you recognized. These small, but mighty tactics can skyrocket your ranking and presence on the site and far beyond.
  • Discover how to radically increase your connections, build your email list, and grow your network. You deserve to get maximum benefit from everything LinkedIn offers you. When you know how to do it the right way, the results come almost too easily.
  • And, much more…

Take a Look at What’s Included:

Your LinkedIn Essentials course is offered in five convenient sessions. Each session comes in video, audio, and word-for-word transcripts and contains special extras to help you make the most of your learning experience

Your 3 Module Certification Curriculum Includes:

Your 4-Module Certification Curriculum Includes:

Module 1:  Setting the Foundation

Creating a profile is your first step toward LinkedIn success. When you do it the right way, you will ensure you are found by others and they’ll instantly know you are the person they’ve been looking for. Building a successful profile will increase your search engine optimization and therefore your opportunity for engagement with potential clients. In this module, you’ll learn the fundamentals of best-in-class profile creation.

Featured highlights include:

  • Understanding the Statistics and Settings
  • Using keywords in your business profile
  • How to customize links
  • Utilizing media on Linkedin
  • Learning the importance of recommendations and endorsements

Module 2:  Growing Your Network

One of the first and most important steps to ensuring that you are utilizing all of LinkedIn’s potential for growing your business is finding superior contacts. The value of your network is almost entirely dependent upon the quality of your contacts. In this module, you’ll learn exactly how to find and secure the best contacts possible to create an unstoppable network to propel you and your business to the next level.
Featured highlights include :
  • Growing your contacts
  • Find out how to conduct an advanced people search
  • Utilizing LinkedIn’s messaging, invitations, introductions, and inmail

Module 3:  Establishing and Sharing Your Brand

LinkedIn offers you an exceptional opportunity to promote your brand in strong and impactful ways. When done correctly, you can use LinkedIn to get yourself noticed, expand your brand’s exposure, and make your professional identity and image work for you. In this module, you’ll learn the critical steps you need to take to best brand yourself and your business.
Featured highlights include:
  • Learn how to use tagging and group messaging
  • Find out how to create, find, and manage Linkedin Groups
  • Discover how to find out who has viewed your profile

Module 4:  Foundations for Success

Dramatically decrease your maintenance time and get better results on LinkedIn, your network is your net worth. Building a world-class network that supports your goals and big-picture strategy is a critical, ongoing task. In this module, you’ll learn best practices for determining what you offer, what you want your network to look like, and who and how to connect with the key people you need to grow your network the right way.

Featured highlights include:

  • Learning about updates, notification, and sharing
  • Understanding company pages

Everything you need in ONE course!

As you can clearly see, each session of our comprehensive LinkedIn Essentials course gives you everything you need to transform LinkedIn into your own personal marketing, branding, and networking platform.

Enroll today for only $797, or take advantage of our Easy Two-Pay Plan with two payments of only $427 each.

Streaming Video | On Demand Full-Length Audio Recordings | Unabridged Transcripts | Step-By-Step Cheat Sheets

To make your learning experience as convenient as possible, we’ve created a comprehensive multimedia package for you.

Each of your 5 modules are delivered in three formats:

  • Full-length streaming video
  • Downloadable mp3 audio recording
  • Unabridged written transcripts of entire session

Now, with video, audio and transcripts, you have every session at your fingertips. Watch, listen or read whenever you want. Pause, rewind and review over and over again.

Just Added: Bonus “Cheat Sheets”

Plus, to help you achieve the best results, we’re also including a valuable “cheat sheet” with each session.

Each sheet outlines the key lessons and critical steps you need to take to succeed with your customized LinkedIn strategy.

And, if that wasn’t enough, when you sign up today and complete the course, you’ll also be… 

 One Step Closer to Your Social Media Strategist Certification

Upon the successful completion of your LinkedIn Essentials course and its corresponding exam, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from Social Media Marketing University.
Your certificate will demonstrate your expertise in social media and on LinkedIn

  • Establish credibility with employers, clients and peers
  • Gain a competitive edge in the job market and the workplace
  • Demonstrate proficiency and competency in one of the world’s fastest growing career disciplines

When you complete six core courses and two electives in our social media and online marketing curriculum, you have the opportunity to receive our highest certification, Social Media Strategist. Completing this important course will put you on the path to final certification.

Plus, to make your decision even easier, we’re offering you a…


At SMMU, we believe in ALL of our programs. That’s why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee for this and every one of our courses. 

Take action right now by clicking the button below to enroll in the LinkedINEssentials course for only $797 $427. Then, please take up to 7 days to review the entire course.

If you don’t find it’s as loaded with valuable, actionable, and results-oriented information as I’ve outlined above or if you determine now is not the right time for you to begin implementing a quick and easy Facebook marketing strategy, I insist you ask for a full refund of your purchase price. No hassles. No problems.

We have designed every step of this course to make sure it provides you with an easy-to-follow blueprint to success even if you have no previous experience with Facebook or social media.

We’re proud to offer you this guarantee so that you can enroll with confidence today. I know that when you see everything that’s included firsthand for yourself and begin imagining what results are possible, there’ll be no turning back.

Act Now. Enroll Today!

You’ve seen why learning how to use Facebook the right way is so important to your overall social media strategy.

You’ve learned that Social Media Marketing University offers you a quick, easy and affordable way to learn how to use Facebook to promote, advance and expand your business.

And, when you discover Social Media Marketing University has been recognized as the “#1 most trusted social media firm” and was voted one of the best social media services on the web by, your decision to enroll should be obvious.

Led by a world-class faculty that has been featured by such leading publications as Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, and the Wall Street Journal, you’re guaranteed to receive the best step-by-step training possible.

Enroll now in the web’s leading Facebook Essentials course offered by the most trusted name in social media education and give yourself and your business the competitive advantage you deserve.

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  • Module 1: Your Facebook Business Profile
  • Module 2: Facebook Pages
  • Module 3: Facebook Groups, Apps, and Ads
  • Full Access for 1 Full Year: includes any updates for the next full YEAR
  • Printable Certificate: to document my successful Certification

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