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I just attended your webinar, very nicely done and strong content!
Marian Desimone
VP Business Value Practice / Lawrence Associates, D3M LLC, Zintro Inc.
Thrilled - have passed my certified Social Media Strategist test. Looking forward to advanced studies!
L Diane Johnson
Landscape artist
Doing a linkedin 101 webinar for SMMU - love this stuff!
Jason Alba
Recruiting & Career Managment / JibberJobber
The notes that can be downloaded and reviewed for later are very helpful. I am even able to follow along with the webinars and fill in any questions and post additional notes regarding Social Media.
Tracy McCauley
Product Specialist / Jorlink USA Inc.
The course helped me understand the vast array of tools and channels to identify prospects, engage in conversations, manage my time, and measure my progress with social media marketing campaigns.
Stephen Beech
President / Padgett Business Services
Currently in a SMMU Webinar, pretty interesting stuff. Some very useful notes and tips.
Phalgun P.
Photographer / CuspConcepts.com
Just attended an excellent webinar from Social Media Marketing on the power of social media and how to use it properly. Great stuff.
Rudy Picchietti
Marketing Professional / RP Direct Marketing
"Align your business interests with your personal philosophy." Thank you @Ekaterina and #SMMU for the excellent presentation today!
Priscilla Niessink
Social Media Marketing Specialist / WebAnalytix
Glad I attended SMMU for the social media coursework. Hoping it will accelerate my job search with the new skills!
Giovanna Cracchi
Real Estate Agent & Blogger
Very informative - thanks for the insight and keep in touch.
Ben Slaymaker
Consultant & Trainer
Thank you for the great insight as far as the value of approaching audiences as a person vs. a company.
D'Lana Dismuke
Advertising Solutions / Microsoft Corporation
...Great webinars through Social Media University. Thank you!
Linda Allen
Top Promotional Advisor / Boundless Network
Informative Social Media Time Management webinar highlighting successful tools & techniques!
Wilson Toussaint
Certified Social Media Strategist / ErinGerald Affiliates
Thanks to all the new twitter followers SMMU. Social media is truly a force to be reckoned with
Kim Buchanan
Social Media Strategist
SMMU class was great! I appreciate that you not only tell us what to do, but HOW to do it. Thanks!
marni patterson
Sales & Marketing / The TTT Holding Group
Attending the SMMU webinair and enjoying the Facebook teachings!
Rick Gauntney
Marketing Professional / Phantom EFX
Great tips today on #SMMU - 7 rules to rock your social media marketing in 2014! @smmagic #socialmedia
Catherine Buck Morgan
Corporate Media Specialist / DP Professionals
Loved SMMU and all the great instructors. I would recommend anyone who want to know about social media should do it!
Paul Wcislo
Social Media marketing Expert
#SMMU the webinar "Think Like Zuck" was extraordinary and joyful!
Tracey Lynn Cox
I just passed my exam with a 95%. Thanks for the education SMMU!
Dee Reinhardt
Social Media Strategist / Creekwood Homes
I earned an Advanced #LinkedIn Certificate through @SMMagic. Course taught by @LinkedInExpert. I highly recommend it!
Jessica Ehlers
Editor/Proposal Writer
I found that all of the modules were extremely informative.
Luis Parga
CEO / Cavutech
Took the SMMU course. Awesome information!
Sue Ryan
Blogger / Align and Succeed
Helpful free webinar on creating social media strategies for business!
Susan Seward
Co-Founder and Partner / HR Advantage Partners LLC
Just finished a webinar on socialmedia via SMMU. Got some good ideas!
Amy Haddon
HR Guru / Renewable Choice Energy
From the course I was able to bring all the social media tools together for a united effort and the knowledge of tools previously not known to me.
Robert Schwarz
Managing Director / Vesta Properties & Holdings, LLC
John, Great Webinar yesterday - great tips and ideas generated - so, signed up for the training.
Steve Gregg
Director / MacGregor Business
Happy to be a part of SMMU!
Hilda Agopian
Product Manager / Acheegus Unlimited, Inc.
Great program! I'm looking for ways to become more valuable to my employer. I learned enough to do a strong social media plan for the organization. Thanks SMMU!
Nancy Pratt
Small Business Administration
I've learned so much from the work you do at SMMU. Thank you!
Alicia Vaz
Engagement Strategist / Socialicia, LLC.
Great webinar on video marketing today from @lasseweb20 and @SMMagic! #SMMU
Stephen Weaver
Professor of Business and Business Department Chair / Point University
Just attended the Social Media Marketing University webinar. Great info! Thanks SMMU.com for the intro class.
Kate Chargulaf
Social Media & Marketing Assistant / Mays Chemical
The certification program helped me in understanding the basics of each social media tool. I also enjoyed the discussions.
Sandy Schusteff
Thanks for connecting. I'm really enjoying the Social Media Marketing courses at SMMU.
Lindsea Hutchinson
Social Media Marketing / Vancouver Fashion Week
Passed my SMMU Certification. Great Program:Social Media Marketing University!!
Emily Digney
IT administrator
Great SMMU class about the importance of branding and establishing a unique value proposition (UVP). Keep up the good work
Mike Petras
Executive Recruiter / Job Interview Wisdom
Some good points raised in your SMMU session. Thanks!
Jason Mayes
Web Developer
Attended a fantastic lecture about blogging at the #SMMU class today!
Fran Jensen
Small Business Administration / FamilySearch.org
Woohoo! Passed my Social Media Marketer certification exam at SMMU. Thanks for the Certification!
Trish Wells
Instructional Designer / WIT Learning Solution Inc.
I find (The SMMU Courses) very interesting and informative
Laura Rocha
Small Business Administration / ETFS Credit
#SMMU Think Like Zuck Thought Leadership Thursday Webinar was an #inspiration
Sabrina Johnson
Another great session on Social Media Marketing University on Linkedin including how to use Network Activity, Groups, Companies.
Leslie-Ann Drummond
Creative Digital Marketing
Thanks again for the inspiration. SMMU, You rock!
Lisa Verde
Recruiting, & Marketing junkie
Participated in SMMU webinar yesterday- Will help Kreativelearnin fine tune how we use SM to grow our team and buisness
Karen Stacey
Owner & CEO / Kreativelearnin
Listening to @Richard_Weiler's tutorial abut #SEO via @SMMagic - So much to learn!
Brianna Ward
Membership Services Manager (Marketing/Community Outreach) / Methodist Healthcare System
I’ve passed the final and graduated from SMMU with a certificate as a Social Media Strategist. Looking forward to expanding out to new customers and helping them find their way through Social Media and Marketing!
Matt Tyrrell
CIO / Social Media Dynamix
I'm so excited! I just completed the course and got my certificate! Woot Woot!. I feel like a whole new world is opening up. Thanks!
Jane Dalea-Kahn
Marketing and Adverting Director / Dalea-Kahn
Great Webinar on Social Media Marketing Best Practices from SMMU. Step by step on how your business should use social media.
Mary Dimitrijeska
Event Planning Zoologist
Enjoyed webinar from SMMU - specialists in getting the best from social media
Ciran Rowsome
CEO / Flextime
I am now a Certified Social Media Marketer! Thanks SMMU for the great content and all classmates I met through the program!
Marco Tavolieri
Marketing Manager / Stephenson's Rental Services
I got a lot out of SMMU. It's good to learn how to use it to market my business.
Carole Seawert
Copy Writer / caroleseawert.co.uk
Great Webinar on Social Media Marketing Best Practices from SMMU. Step by step on how your business should use Social Media
Mary Dimitrijeska
Event Planning Zoologist
We got much from your webinar!Thank you SMMU!
Andy Lau
Founder & CEO / http://www.qiggi.cn/
SMMU's Advanced Facebook is a wealth of information
Kerry Smithwick
Certified meeting professional / Meeting Consultants
This webinar is very informative, thank you very much!
Bill Cordello
Experienced Graphic Arts Industry Professional / Xerox
Thanks to you, Twitter is so much more understandable....Thank YOU!
Thomas Tsakonis
Certified Professional Counselor / Private Practice
Thanks for the retweet and nonstop great information! My key to becoming a social media genius, following your great tweets!
John Castro
Sales Team Leader/Coach
Thank you @SMMagic for great resources on Social Media Marketing! #SMMU
Acoustics with Design
Attending a great social media webinar with SMMU - good stuff!
Rachel Alberty
Small Business Administration
Just finished a great social media session with SMMU. Very informative.
Neal Munn
Marketing Professional / RhinoMarketing
I am now a certified Social Media Strategist! Completed SMMU studies and completed examination.
Robert Rowell
Expert communicator & Int'l dev
My recent SMMU session amazed me! Training I received in Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook was phenomenal!
Amy Hollinger
Travel Agent / MCA
The practical aspects of the program - all the 'how-tos' were extremely helpful. The program offered a good balance of strategy and practical implementation. Many programs have too much focus on the strategy or theory - and not enough on how to bring theory to reality.
Sylvia Kwan
Learning what companies can do with Twitter during the SMMU Webinar!
Jsien Falkenberg
Social Media Strategist
Steve Goad
Social Media Strategist / Hampton Roads
Just listened to an awesome webinar from @SMMagic presented by @Ekaterina 'Think Like Zuck' thanks! #SMMU
Tammy Andrews
Attended SMMU's "Capitalizing on the Conversation" webinar - great overview of social media best practices!
Lisa Meddlin
Social Media Strategist / Harmony Design NW
I am reviewing #SMMU Twitter 101. Enjoying your presentation a 2nd time!
Bruce McArthur
Social Media Strategist / VMG
Just heard a webinar from SMMU that provided a great introduction to social media!
Michelle Romanica
Mentoring Facilitator
Just completed a webinar presented by SMMU; it was great.
Andrea L. Griggs
Small Business Administration / Females With a Mission
Just did a webinar with SMMU. Good gems of data in there. Highly recommended
Kevin Hyde
Thought Leadership Thursday w/Jeff Bullas thru #SMMU! Great stuff, thanks SMMU!
River City Social Media
Thank you SMMU for an incredible online social media marketing program! #learningeveryday #SocialMedia
Halia Davis
Gotta say it old timey rap style: SMMU is da bomb. Today's info was excellent.
Sally Lane
Digital Content Strategist
I was amazed at what I didn't know before I entered the program! SMMU provided an incredible overview as well as specific tips and tricks of all the social media sites. I feel like I have a very good understanding of how it all works now and have seen my business begin to track upward since beginning the course.
Kelly Nygard
Social media Consultant / The Current
Time is a huge concern for me so the class about Niche Sites and Time Management was very useful.
Claudia Del Cid
Community Manager / Latina y Social
This is an Awesome webinar for my online buisness!!!
Annemarie Rebel
Taking SMMU classes online. Great for PR experts.Thanks!
Nancy Moon
PR Expert / Moon Public Relations
@SMMagic Great webinar on video marketing. Thank you! #smmu
Tammy Andrews
Learning terminology was helpful!
Laura Anderson
Marketing Coordinator / Shiloh Technologies
Just finished the twitter course by @Jeff_Schneider through SMMU and can't wait to implement what I've learned!
Rachel Washburn
I just read your Social Media Guide. Very helpful!
Mary Jo Bosco Knappich
Human Resources / Stamford Consultants AG
The Social Media Marketing University packed a great deal of information into the ten sessions. I was truly clueless on Social Media which is why I initially signed up, and I am thrilled that I now have a much better understanding of how we can use Social Media in building relationships and expanding the visibility of what we do. I appreciate all the transcripts which I will continue referring to as we build our business. I particularly find Jason Alba's strategy and LinkedIn discussions critically important to us, and am glad for the exposure to the other medias that we will no doubt be using.
Cynthia Jones Stewart
Principle / EverMore Services
The entire program opened a whole new world for me. Thank you so much.
Peggy E. Delany
CEO / DR Management, LLC
Thank you SMMU for the session today, great information given!
Joni Allen
Small Business Administration
Great insights and direction - immediately usable. Thanks SMMU!
Roxi Beck
Small Business Administration
Loved the lunchtime entertainment of Thought Leadership Thursday from #SMMU -lots of ideas to make heppen. [email protected] @SMMagic
Bianca J Smith
Freelance Digital Marketer / Tap Dancing Spiders
SMMU is Definitely worth the time, effort and money. Very good program. Learned a LOT!
Richard Salmanowitz
Consultant & Trainer / TOGETHER Marketing & Communications
Very useful for monitoring the conversation & starting staff on a blogging journey.
Amanda Cookson
Senior Managment
Your instruction and help sounds like what needs to be done to get yourself ready to convert leads. What you are offering sounds like it would be a LOT more effective!
Steven Bentley
Trainer and Consulting
Highly recommend the online course, particularly sessions on social media strategy, blogging and niche sites
Nathaniel Halsey
Small Business Administration
So far, the course is terrific!
Irwin Graulich
Bloch Graulich Whelan Inc
The SMMU session blew me away! Smart. Sharp. Motivating. Will help me in my social media job search. Thanks!
Susan Walsh
Adverising & Marketing
After the great session on blogging for businesses, I jumped in Wordpress! Thanks
Isabelle Lesschaeve
Experienced Sensory & Consumer researcher / Innovinum.com
I Attended a SMMU social media workshop late last night. It was informative. Recommend it.
Julie Chiu
Weight Management Health Coach / AIH
Good video training today with #SMMU Social Media Marketing University. @smmagic @lasseweb20 Start using video to promote things now!
Charlie Costello
Communications Director / Operating Engineers Local 3
All of the sessions were very imformative but I feel that I got the most from the Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter sessions.
Nancy Sheaffer
Thank you @SMMagic and @Ekaterina for Think Like Zuck webinar. #SMMU
Julie Lutz
Digital Strategy & Communications Consultant
This is really valuable info. I will replay and share with other interested colleagues.These courses are packed with valuable info!
Brian Butcher
Communications / Ameritech
@SMMagic You guys produce great work! Look forward to many more shares in the future.
The Mike Agency
Just attended SMMU social media session -GREAT content!
Catherine Stern
Online Marketing specialist
Great seminar today, can't wait until tomorrows Twitter session!
Stephen Synder
Web Designer / Freelance
This is fantastic great insight!! thanks Gentlemen.
Annette Coughlan
Small Business Administration
John Souza is the founder of SMMU and the 2011 Tech Marketing Awards 'Social Media Marketer of the Year. Get it right with social media marketing to forge partnerships and bring leads to create business revenue.
Greg Nazvanov
Compliance Projects Manager / CMH Financial Group
Thank you very much for this! I am VERY interested in doing the certification!
Annemarie O'Brien
Senior Advisor
Great webinar this afternoon about social media marketing
Nicky Rudd
PR Expert / Padua Communications
I really loved the information that was given about Twitter and Linkedin in the certification program.
Sheila Daly
Owner/Consultant / Summerstone Marketing Group
Excellent Twitter training session. The hour flew by!
Allen Evitts
Project Management Coach / EssentialProjectManager
Very informative webinar today on the power of video and YouTube. Thank you!
Jill Lewis
PR/Marketing Consultant
Another interesting and informative session at SMMU. Thanks!
Moira Gentry
Adverising & Marketing / Katerina Caterisano's Ad Agency
Hooray! Passed the SMMU Social Media Certification exam - now I'm a certified Social Media Marketer!
Helen Wood
Photographer / Silpada
@SMMagic great seminar, we will be attending more #smmu #elite1fitgear
Elite 1 Fit Gear
Thank you @Ekaterina for your webinar- Think Like Zuck #SMMU Very Informative!
Jill Caprio-Scalera
Owner / Wear Armor
Very motivated by #SMMU @jeffbullas presentation this afternoon. Thanks! Now I'm going to "just start."
Christine F McIsaac
Congratulations on your impressive achievements helping the world understand the magic of social media!
Susan L. Axelrod
Philanthropy Advisor / Whatwillyourlegacybe.com,
Just finished participating in a fantastic webinar on social media with the guys at Social Media Magic!
Keith Ivey
Identiy theft specialist & speaker
Thanks for the informative presentation. Time to start implementing some of those great tips!
Dismuske W.
Adverting/Marketing Strategist
Thanks for the newsletter that you provide about social media magic. Love it. Thank you!
Joseph Yeh
Technical Recruiter / Kareer.me
Thanks John Souza. Great session!!
Ann Halloran
Small Business Administration / Novaritis
On Social Media Magic webinar. Wow this is really useful stuff!
Paul F. Roy Jr
Experienced Ops & Project Manager / Coventry
I just want to thank you to John Souza because my social media experience has blown up (in a good way) since he taught my class! He is a great tutor!
Bobby Ferduson
Management Consulting / XYZ Networks
I made my social media "bible" from all the notes I took from SMMU classes/speakers. Packed w/invaluable info. Highly recommend their classes.
Traycee Roberson
Small Business Administration
Just finished the 10 session Social Media Magic course. Great program.
Fred Tremblay
Marketing Consultant
This program is easy to understand and follow. You can do it at your own pace and get the most out of all that is available to you. The only problem you will have is choosing the 2 electives you want after your 6 core courses. There are so many great choices for electives!
Tameka Curwen
Creative and IT Coordinator/Social Media Analyst / Access Staffing
Just listened to a great presentation by @Ekaterina hosted by #SMMU
Katie Piretti
Interactive Media Manager / American National Property and Casualty Company
Great information on SMMU Webinar this morning!
Melinda Jordan
Communications / RidgeViewTel
You provide an extraordinary service! Thanks a lot!
Zulay Moreno
Professor / Universidad de Carabobo
Every course was designed and instructed with top-notch information, making it an exciting experience within each module! I am so thankful for the opportunity to be SMMU Certified and looking forward to the opportunities that being a 'Specialist' consists of.
Lindsea Hutchinson
Media and Brand Coordinator / Vancouver Fashion Week
The overview, specifically the strategy session on how to plan for using Social Media was great. The presenter for Twitter and You Tube were very, very good!
Stefanie Rubin
Vice President of Product Development / Domain Development Corp
Power of Video for Social Media - very interesting webinar conversation on SMMU
Conconi / Indie PR/communications pro
I have enjoyed and learned a lot of valuable info from SMMU. I like the tips and live views of each Social Media tool the best.
Gabrielle Santulli
Senior level marketing strategist
I attended a free Webinar on Social Media Marketing for Business by Social Media Magic - Good stuff!
Dick Rolfe
Co-founder and CEO / Dove Foundation
Great session John. I obtained valuable information, and a lot of it! Thanks so much.
Beth Lieberman
Founder & Managing Partner / Garret Associates
SMMU Q&A is more helpful than I would have thought... looking forward to particulars on niche sites. so far so good.
Kim Hodges
Social Media Strategist
While the rest of America is watching the #SuperBowl, I'm listening to @LinkedInExpert's genius #LinkedIn lessons. I'm blown away!
Aleja Seabron
Events Management / Harvard University
Excellent presentation on video! a picture worth a thousand words.
Eddie Yip
User Experience Specialist / Evolve Nexus
Enjoyed the first session today - looking forward to seeing what enlightenment the next session brings!
Lynne M French
Social media consultant
Listening to Capitalizing on the Conversation Webinar presented by Social Media Magic. Excellent info!
Heidi Mendoza
Founder & Interior Designer / Creative CoLab+
Learning about the various ways to use different social media sites was great. How to create a welcome tab on a Facebook Business page was something I learned and am now using on my company page on Facebook.
Kelly Cindrich
Hey @SMMagic Loved Thought Leadership Thursday today! #SMMU
Megan Smith-Gill
CMO & Business Strategist / Gault Energy
This #Webinar was SO beneficial!! Thank you #SMMU I can't wait to sign up for classes!
Moesha Mitchell
Thank you VERY MUCH for offering such a valuable webinar and sponsoring John Alba's presentation! I'll be implementing his suggestions immediately.
Phil Jeffress
Staffing and Recruiting / Bluehawk, LLC
The LinkedIn training with Jason Alba was great!
Becky Weber
Creative Marketing Director / Ascent Creative Marketing Management
I got the most out of the excellent strategy discussions.
Bruce Rossiter
We used SMMU and we have benefited greatly. One of our employees was sent through the courses and has been able to have a much better understanding of Social Media and whats involved. Thank you SMMU!
Raquel Tomasino
Managing Director / Martom Marketing & Media
Information about blogging for your business was the most valuable for my particular company.
Michael Kaufman
5 steps to build a social media marketing plan for Small Businesses- Great Stuff SMMU
Tomer Garzberg
Digital Neuromarketing Specialist / StrongmanDigital
I have taken SMMU training program twice and am planning on taking it for a third time. John's knowledge about Social Media and other Internet Marketing are excellent.
Maribel Cristelgo
Owner / Forever Young Corporation
I enjoyed the tips related to Twitter and Facebook as well as business applications for YouTube and other video applications that were presented throughout the program.
Paula Robeson
Knowledge Broker / McMaster University
Great session on Facebook today from SMMU, tkanks guys!
Catherine Lynch
Software engineer / SAP
Good overviews of all social media platforms!
Scott Eggert
Collaboration Manager / 3M
Great info today from SMMU about managing time more effectively for social media.
Peter Sohal
Creative Digital Marketing Executive
Participated in a Great Session SMMU. Looking forward to the transcripts .
Udi Yehezel
Vice President of Buisness Development
@Ekaterina Thanks for an excellent Thought Ledareship Thursday from #SMMU. Inspiring and informative!
Elise Daly Parker
#SMMU good job! Appreciate the Thought Leadership Thursday webinar!
Louise Dunne
Business Development Executive / General Dynamics Information Technology
I enjoyed all of the training I received from SMMU!
Thomas Tsakounis
Mental Health Counselor / A Quiet Journey Counseling, LLC
The fact that SMMU was a one stop shop to bring business professionals up to speed on the emerging world of social media was extremely beneficial.
Kimberly Pinnix
#SMMU great webinar about 7 rules to ROCK your Social Media Marketing in 2014! Thanks to Ty & Lee for sharing their wisdom with us!
Carolina Charry
Social Media & Digital Marketing
I have been listening to SMMU and learning from you to benefit my customers and clients.
Kelly Carmichael
ViSalus 90 Day Challenge Promoter and Photographer / Carmichael Photography, GoSocial
SMMU is a great presenter on social media. Lots of content.
Crane Stookey
Keynote Speaker / Crane Stookey.com
I loved the step-by-step walk through of each social media platform.
Juana Clark Craig
Pretty great Twitter instruction at SMMU
Jeff Cook
Small Business Administration / AutoBidsOnline.com
Just enjoyed a great webinar with SMMU!
Grant Crankshaw
Small Business Administration
Thanks for a great class today on SMMU!
Christine Campos
Social Media Consultant / Social Mediats
Taking SMMU Training is so informative and fun! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and making it so easy too understand and work with all the different media programs out there!
Magdalena Elfreda
Owner / Fortune Modeling
Tons of great information on today's webinar from #SMMU on 7 Rules to Rock Your Social Media Marketing.
Social Butterfly, LLC
Just finished the SMMU webinar. Lots of interesting tips and advice. Some changes to follow methinks.
Simon Jermy
Founder and Owner / The Conch
This presentation was extremely helpful for me. I have a client who's looking to secure an agency to do just this.
Brian Reisner
Executive Director / Virtual PICU Systems, LLC
Exceptional session today. Extremely informative & improved my understanding of social media & how to effectively use it.
John Wes Green
Director Digital Strategy / Harte Hanks Direct
Interesting webinar via SMMU. Useful, informative, fast 90 minutes! thanks!
Marsha Ganz
Online Instructional Designer / LessonPop.com
So #stoked, I just completed and passed my Advanced #twitter course at SMMU. You guys are awesome! On my way to my SMMU certification.
Joseph Amaral
Excellent session on Linkedin from SMMU today. Very thorough and useful info. Thanks!
Beth Thomason
Public Relations/Communications / Thomason PR
Listening to the SMMU Webinar. Incredible what you can learn with a little bit of guidance.
Alastair Shakeshaft
Business Manager / Scope Consulting UK
Excellent job on the SMMU training course on twitter today. Thanks for the help!!
Ryan Price
Social Media Strategist / Adobe
Just completed my Mobile Marketing certification from @SMMagic! One more tool of awesomeness for my marketing tool belt. Great course guys!
MK Collier
I have just signed a contract with a large real estate company for whom I will create the social media strategy. Huge thanks to SMMU for making this possible through my studies!
Nora Szanto
Commercial Director / Penceo Sport
@JohnPaulSouza thanks! I enjoy the short video segments. Its great for mental breaks and easy to track my progress.
Nicole Ramsdale
Really great information from SMMU
Ellen Toay
Online Marketing Consultant
Just finished video class with from SMMU. A good day is a learning day!
Elizabeth Braid
Media Planner
Just wanted to say thank you for this webinar, it was very informative.
Debera Bowlby
CEO / OoLala Designs, LLC
Thanks for the great info! Looking forward to more info from SMMU
Brendon Boyd
Wishing I could TIVO this SMMU session. Lots of info!
Shanny C
Small Business Administration
Enjoyed listening in on the @SMMagic #SMMU free training session today. Soaking in as much info as possible...
Clark Campbell
Co-Founder / Social Ecclesia
Thanks for the social media webinar guys! It was great and I learned some interesting new things.
Bastiaan de Beer
Consultant & Trainer / Apple
Attending SMMU on twitter. It is really good! Thanks
Linda Hansen
Property Managment
Great class on advance usage of Twitter.
Paul Knipe
Management Consulting / Blackmore Partners
I learned a lot in SMMU, mainly Cross Connecting and SEO strategies!
Allen Levin
Just took part in "Capitalizing on the Conversation"from SMMU Very insightful.
Ronald Gerlach
Marketing director / Freelance
Just passed the exam on SMMU! Looking forward to using what I have learned. Thanks so much!
Doreen Nicastro
Social Media Consultant / Nicastro Consultants
Thanks SMMU 4 a great FB for Biz. It was helpful.
Nancy Avila
Business Manager / Maceio Restaurant
The SMMU training is strategic in scope and thinking, yet still gets down to the nitty-gritty details I need.
Hugh Ryan
Public Relations / Ryan Wellnitz & Associates
I found the Q&A session to be most informative as it tied what we learned with the session to practical experience. All of the session leaders were extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable in their area of expertise! Thank you!
Sabine Abt
Corporate Relations Manager / First Affiliated Holdings
Very much enjoyed the basic social media facts with today's #SMMU Social Media Marketing. Your 7 rules rock!
Cyndi Hawkes
Website and Communications Assistant / San Diego County Office of Education
Thanks #SMMU @SMMagic for an amazingly informative and useful webinar this mroning on #7 Rules to Rock Your #Social #Marketing"
Joyful Hostess
Sitting in on a webinar: capitalizing on the conversation by SMMU. Very informative!
Jen Robinson
Marketing Professional
Loved today's "7 Rules to Rock Your Social Marketing this Year" webinar presentation. It was the best of its kind I have seen. Can't wait to join Social Media Inner Circle.
Joy of Code
Thank you--wonderful information that has been shared. Simply terrific!
Dr. Cheryl Lentz
Chief Refractive Thinker / Lentz Leadership Institute
Attended the SMMU webinar this morning. Good stuff in there for beginners to use Social Media for business.
Alisun Hernandez
Community Engagement Lead / Syracuse Media Group
Thank you for an interesting & useful Social Media Magic webinar on Twitter
Dahlia de Rushe
B2B marketing Veteran
Hi, John, I am taking courses at Social Media Marketing University and I'd like to thank you for creating such a good opportunity for people to learn about social media marketing.
Sherry Cheng
Social Media Consultant / Crocs, Inc
I DID IT!!! "Congratulations! You have passed and are now a certified Social Media Marketing Strategist" #SMMU @JohnPaulSouza
Nicole Ramsdale
Social Media Marketing Strategist
Attending a Social Media Magic University webinar... great tools to update you status in multiple social networks!
Jimmy Roa
CEO / Sysgen
Just had an excellent webinar with SMMU. WOW - lots of expertise and knowledge shared. Thanks!!
Miranda Vande Kuyt
freelance Writer / Miranda Vande Kuyt Consulting
SMMU session on Twitter. Excellent! Thank you, Great tips and tools.
Risa Baker
Managing director / Managing Director
Great session by on SMMU on time management and the use of valuable tools to streamline the process!
Christine Brubaker
Marketing Professional / Access BMS
Just took a very informative webinar with SMMU! Excellent course!
Beverly Hardy
Realtor/Interior Designer / Military Relocator
Frankly I thought the course is invaluable and I would like to help inform more people about it!
John Antonios
Is it possible to have fun learning? Absolutely and it is happening now! Thank you SMMU!
Lisa DeGuzman
Small Business Administration
SMMU is a good source for information and training on social networks for small businesses and entrepreneurs
Sandra Masters
Insurance Professional
Thanks to SMMU for this webinar about social media marketing ROI
Carl-Olivier Perras
Small Business Administration
The SMMU course is really useful.Thanks
Keryl Kegan
Just finished the SMMU exam! I'm now official a certified Social Media Strategist!
Coral Vogel
Assistant Director / Jimmy fund
John, I have my Social Media Certification from SMMU. I appreciate your courses and how you keep us updated on the latest social media trends. Thanks!
Christine McIsaac
Marketing Consultant / Smart Solutions Group
Just had my last session of SMMU on time management & niche sites. Excellent!
Leslie M. Levy
Writer / Freelance
Good session today on advanced LinkedIn strategies. The drill-down on ID'ing the target market was especially useful.
Wendy Lukaszewski
Award-Winning copywriter
Re-listening to SMMU, very interesting theories on engagement and building partnerships in social media.
Lori Culwell
Writer, blogger & Internet enthusiast / Get Creative Inc.
Listening to SMMU Webinar about Social Media. Good info being provided.
Lane Sutton
Social Media Strategist & Entrepenuer / Kid Critic USA
All of the training was very valuable
Pauline T. Coderre
Strategy Consultant / Health Education Development for US Medical
Just completed a rather informative webinair on Social Media via SMMU ... very interesting stuff
David Austin Bryant
Thanks for the great class today. Your information opens a floodgate of possibilities
Rick Norris
Just attended a SMMU webinar for the last 90 mins. Lots of good info, I recommend spending the time!
Sarah Robbins
Accountant / Alliance Relocation Services
On SMMU webinar - great content, no-nonsense advice
Betina Frisone
Spanish translator & interpreter / BestSpanisWorks.com
Good session with SMMU!
Ria Luitjes
Owner / MIXmarketing
Totally enjoyed the Facebook for Business 101 teleclass as part of SMMU! Thank you, love the great tips
Lizza Monet Morales
I was relatively new to SM prior to the course. The most valuable part of the course for me was the hands-on demonstration that accompanied each webinar. The expertise of each instructor was phenomenal and their teaching skills were perfect. I also enjoyed the expert's book recommendations and case-study/client examples and results. Overall, I loved the course and highly recommend it for any business person.
Gabrielle Santulli
Great session on social media today from SMMU! Thanks!!
Wendy Blair
Partner / EMERG-e-Solve Inc
Got my certificate in the mail from SMMU on my courses in Social Media...I'm a certified social media marketer...I love that name 🙂
Karen Heck
Creative Career Expert / Give Yourself Power
I found the course in total to be helpful. The units were integrated very well, and helped to further demonstrate the value in delivering a cohesive message.
William Boe
Sales Representative / Casco Manufacturing
@SMMagic I attended this webinar last week and can attest that is well worth the investment in time. very informative and insightful.
Karen Lawlor
Communications Facilitator - York-Durham Aphasia Centre / March of Dimes Canada
TY @SMMagic for bringing @Ekaterina for Thought Leadership Thursday today! So much information- will listen to it again in case I missed anything #smmu
Rizze Vette
Web Project Manager & Enterprising Digital Marketer/Specialist
The program helped me by providing a road map and a guide to the various elements of social media and how to use each.
Larisa Gurnick
Excited to get the opportunity to listen to @jeffbullas speak about the Power of SM Content through @SMMagic! #SMMU #SocialMedia
Mary Rivers
Search Engine Analyst / PureCars
Just finished a great Social Media Marketing Webinar from SMMU.
Alexandra Curtis
Social Media Consultant / All Points Social Media
Helpful social media webinar by #smmu Thanks for the overview!
Dan Greenberger
Brand Strategist, Creative Director, Copywriter / GPS Creative
@SMMagic Thanks #SMMU from this converted online lifelong learner! Everybody at SMMU rocks too.
Becky Bohan Brown
Founder & President / Population-we
@SMMagic Not Bad! Takign 2 quizzes this wk. I love that I can listen to the audio, & then go thru the transcript! So helpful w/little ones
Rachel Washburn
Freelance Writer/Social Media Marketer / Mention It!
This program really hit the key elements of Social Media as it stands in the marketplace right now. It is an exciting field that is constantly changing but this program really hit the core. I like the flexibility as we are all very busy.
Lynn Davis
Consultant / Lynn E. Davis Consulting
I aced my final exam from SMMU. I am officially a certified social media strategist!!
John Cook
Marketing / Lawson Technology
Attended the SMMU Webinar today to learned more about driving positive revenue through Social Media Sites. Great experience.
David Stanco
Regional Sales Manager / Valspar
Great tips for brand building using videos on the web. Thanks a lot!
Benjamin McLaughlin
Online Marketing Specialist
I am proud to say that I am a student of yours and it is so exciting and I am eager to learn, learn, learn, and of course, to graduate. Thank you!
Alexandra Alston
Executive Assistant / Augusta Richmond County
Awesome webinar! "Think Like Zuck" by #SMMU. Thanks guys-super inspiring!
River City Social
The Marketing Team here at Phantom EFX is attending the SMMU seminar. Learning a ton!!!
Steve Dust
Marketing Professional / CedarValleyAlliance
Im a 2011 SMMU graduate. Best thing I did for my Career. I am now MarCom Manager for NEBC and loving it!
Lisa Meddlin
Marketing / Communication Manager / NEBC
Just completed the 10th and last session from SMMU and I recommend these courses for small businesses to develop their social media strategy
Melody Locke
Technical Writer
In 4 weeks SMMU training helped me be on page 1 of LinkedIn Recruiting markets. I picked up 2 new clients!
Cydny Robinson
Graphic Design / WebDocDev.com
Social media doesn't work! Unless you do it right. ... Wow that was a great vid SMMU. Best 40min spent!
Roger van Maris
Social Media Consultant / AutoServe1
Just listening to a SMMU webinar, really informative stuff - and its free. Watch out tweeters- I am learning!!
Gary Bickley
Great Facebook 101 session with SMMU!
Chris Taylor
Marketing professional
I learned a lot attending the SMMU classes!
Wayne Jones
Experienced Director of Product Development
Listening to social media webinar SMMU. Just fantastic!
Brita Kunze
Small Business Administration
Great session at SMMU. Top takeaways: Focus on who. Tell audience what they want to hear. Be consistent. Be unique. Thanks
Beth Thomason
Communications Strategist / Thomanson PR
Great Social Media Training today with #SMMU Social Media Marketing University. @SMMagic Thanks!
Charlie Costello
Communications Director
Made another great decision! Signed up for courses at SMMU. Looking forward to my certification!
Desiree G
Fab webinar on using video in marketing #SMMU
Dianne Price
Director of Marketing and Communications, Biodesign Institute / Arizona State University
Yesterdays SMMU session about Twitter was great! Learned so much.
Joan Arnay
Event Management Professional
Excellent presentation today on Social Media Strategies.
Jeff Oxenford
Consulting for the drinking water industry / OxenFordConsulting.com
This course is excellent. I had no idea social marketing held so much promise. Can't wait to start seeing results!
Bob Butler
Freelance journalist
Just finished an awesome webinar on Social Media Marketing. I hope to implement many of the ideas soon. #SMMU
Kari McCrory
Owner & Blogger / Get Fit with Kari
I am learning about Social Media marketing through Social Media Marketing Univ. trying out tools now!
Scott Miller
Marketing Consultant / Miller DeWulf
John's services for SMMU & his methodology are extremely focused and honed toward each specific client. I highly recommend him as a top professional.
Tiki Tover
Freelance Designer / TikiTover Designs
The SMMU session on Linkedin is so jam-packed with great info. Thanks!
Cindy Osburn
Business Manager / Homelessness Prevention Initiative
Good discussion during a webinar from SMMU!
Vladimir Algin
International Sales
Time well spent. Thought Leadership Thursday smmu.com/thoughtleaders/ #SMMU @Ekaterina
Angela P. Wood
Owner / Wonderfish Creative Solutions
Great presentation @jeffbullas at SMMU today! Thanks for sharing all the valuable content tips.
Cynthia Gedemer
I just passed my SMMU certification test. 92 out of 100! I'm now a certified Social Media Specialist. Yay!!
Lisa Jackson
Marketing Professional / United Way
Great tips for managing social media today
Lynne M Bailey
Digital Designer
The entire package was incredible! I loved the basic sessions followed by the advanced. I also loved it being so compressed. Your speakers were very prepared and gave real examples, tips and tricks.
Pam McDonald
Marketing Director / gotoBilling, Inc.
Great recommendations on how to find your audience and engage.
Betsy Hansen
Marketing Manager
Attended SMMU Session today! SMMU great way to enhance social media skills!
Denise Costabile
Entrepenuer / Alpha-Interiors.com
I passed my Advanced Twitter Exam today! Thanks SMMU! Great course & very informative!
Nathan Lumpkin
Attending SMMU webcast on lead generation - finally a usable and monitizable approach!
Norma Watenpaugh
Consultant / Phoenix Consulting group
Attended webinar by SMMU : Capitalizing on the Conversation. Good info and new Web 2.0 sites.
John Lawrence
Music Therapist / Global Music therapy
It is hard to pick one session over the others; I feel that every session was filled with useful information that I was able to put into practice immediately. From Twitter to Facebook to LinkedIn to blogging, all of it helped me immensely. I haven't gotten a YouTube site up, yet, but understand the value of that in my overall social media portfolio.
André Floyd
Senior Product Marketing Professional
The SMMU webinar was fantastic. These guys know their stuff!!!
Lori Salow Marshall
Marketing Professional / BizDev Experts
Enjoyed the #SMMU Twitter class! Will apply to #HealthIT ad y consulting work helping hospitals meed #MeaningfulUse
Josh Perkey
Preparing SM profiles and site photos for business launch. Thanks for great help SMMU!
Scott MacIdaho
Small Business Administration
I'm a Certified Social Media Strategist! Thank you @SMMagic for all the knowledge! #SMMU
Em Hansen
Social Media Strategist/Photographer/Videographer / Hansen Virtual Solutions
@SMMagic Thanks for the great webinar.
Amir Shahkarami
I just learned so much! Thank you for holding webinars, they are extremely enlightening! @smmagic #SMMU
Savannah Vanderhoeve
The program was great. it has given me the confidence to work in social media
Cindy Neki
President / Marketing Pathways
Learn Social Media the right way, Attend the Social Media Magic 90 Minute Webinar!
William Clements
Marketing Professional
Attended great first session. Good advice about how to create business relationships with partners. Thank you!
Guliana Lonigro
Certified Social Media strategist / NYRorganic
GREAT EDUCATION on the unknown secrets of social media marketing!
Leah Soliel
Web Designer & Online Marketing Ninja / Job Hunter Across America
Attended a webinar by SMMU. It's eye opening.
Robert Cherny
The session on LinkedIn was the most relevant. It seems to be the least intuitive resource and having such clear steps and purposes defined will help not only me but my clients as well.
Krista Rivet
Senior Communications Strategist / Focus Communications
Great session on Twitter today. Very practical and I can't wait to do more tweets.
Pam Roes
Aspiring Social Media Pro
Great webinar today for Thought Leadership Thursday!
Tracy Napier
Owner / In The Trenches Life Coaching
Great Job SMMU!! very informative, thank you!
Beverly Hardy
Director of Sales / Recruiting Trends
Great Presentation today really helped me as I am working on my companies social media strategy
Eric Bennion
Small Business Administration / Pump Solutions Group
I gained invaluable knowledge from Greig Wells' Twitter Efficiency Model.
Leslie-Ann Drummond
@SMMagic great content! #SMMU #Thankyou
Brianne Dahl
Enjoying the SMMU Facebook webinar...awesome!
Angus Grady
Social Media Strategist / Customeyes Media
John Souza did an exceptional job on the recent project. He was fantastic to work with and provides Customer-service oriented Social Media Solutions.
Robert Andrew Christian
Independent Telecommunications Professional
I found the 10 keys webinar today informative and professional. Im considering future training with SMMU. Thank You.
Mandy Newnham
Professor & Practicum Coordinator / Mohawk College
Great info from SMMU on Twitter for Social Media for business.
Byren Innes
Financial Services Management Consultant / New Link Group
SMMU provided very valuable insights & actionable info for increasing your social media ROI. Thanks for the info!
Inger Eberhart
Writer, blogger & Internet enthusiast
So much to think about and implement, where to begin? SMMU, thanks for getting the wheels rolling.
Liz Peixinho Sapata
Owner / CertaPro Painters
Learned alot about Social Media Marketing Stratagy from SMMU - and how to apply it
Stephen McDonald
Thank you very much for the Seminar. Cheers.
Renny Curvers
Information processing / InfoBasics
Got my Social Media Strategist Certificate yesterday. Very nice!
Larry Scott
Social Media Strategist
just attended the SMMU webinar. Great info! Thanks SMMU.com for the intro class.
Kate Chargualaf
Received my Social Media Strategist diploma this week.Ready for hire! Thank you SMMU!
Helen Wood
Print, Web, Social Media Pro
Reviewing classes and getting ready for test...awesome material!
M Peggy Quattro
Certified Social Media & Mobile Strategist
Another great session.. Business Strategies - great way to work through essential homework to determine what to do on LinkedIn.
Susan Collins
Thank you very much for this webinar. It was fantastic! I'm good to go 🙂
Alison Broomall
Digital Content Strategist
Listening to a great #socialmedia webinar with @jeffbullas via @SMMagic! #SMMU
Laura Whitfield
The sessions helped me to understand the strategies associated with Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.
Laura Willey
Logistics Specialist / Trinity Transport
Loved the session today - looking forward to using the tools and niche sites to make life easier.
Kathy Mordini
Communications Strategist
Just passed my Advanced Facebook exam and am one step closer to my social media strategist certification. Time to tackle Twitter now! #SMMU
Brian Golden
Consultant/Partner / Contact Center 411
Tons of useful LinkedIn info at SMMU. Thanks. Looking forward to the advanced webinar and learning more
Mayra Talunas
Sales Consulting Manager / Amadeus Technical
Great webinar SMMU!
Ester Shifren
Great information that I would like to share with my executives! Thanks!
Brittany Williams
Marketing Officer / Fifth Third Bank
Just finished attending another useful SMMU webinar. Fabulous session on how to utilize video. Thanks!
Lou Bortone
Online Branding Specialist
#SMMU @SMMagic - Just finished the Online Webinar "7 Rules to ROCK Your Social Media Marketing" and loved all the information shared.
Mobile Associates
Great session today at Social Media Magic University. Super, pragmatic ideas I'm using right away
Celeste Bishop
Small Busienss Administration / Bishop Market Resources
Great Webinar today!
Wear Luck Apparel
Doing my first webinar ever: Capitalizing on the Conversation: Free Webinar presented by Social Media Magic. Exciting!
Matthias Feist
Higher education manager / Regents University London
@SMMagic Thanks for a great webinar this morning! SO incredibly helpful!
Mary Anne Smiley
Owner/Interior Designer / Mary Anne Smiley Interiors
Picking up some advanced Twitter tricks with SMMU! Thanks!
Schuyler Thompson
Certified Social Media Strategist / Boca Raton Community Garden
Wow - that was a ton of info. Thanks so much SMMU!
Caroline O'black
Director / Oregon Health & Science University
Great talk on how to Think Like Zuck with #SMMU and @Ekaterina !
Arielle Q.
Social Media & Content Manager/Curator / Drempt
Just attended excellent SMMU Webinar on Blogging - thank you!!
Kate Holz
Performance Management Trainer / Adept Executive Solutions
Would highly recommend this course for anyone - amazing content and inspiring tutor
Majella O'Connor
SMMU hosts A fantastic group of lessons that caught me up on social media. Highly recommended.
Chris Jeub
Debate Coach
If you have an interest in raising your social media skills - check out SMMU - Their Webinars and courses are excellent!
Kimmie Blair
Learn Social Media the right way, Attend the 90 Minute Webinar at SMMU!
Remi Vladuceanu
Marketing professional
I am a marketing major at a large university in Florida. Before my social media marketing training courses with SMMU, I didn't know very much about social media and my university does not have a social media class... most of my knowledge about social media came from the courses I took at SMMU.
Sarinis Chu
Student / University of Central Florida
Thanks for the webinar on LinkedIn today - both very interesting and actionable. One of the better social media conversations I've been a part of. The Q&A was great too.
Nick Richman
Principal / Consequence [Strategy]
I picked up some really helpful tips for Twitter, Facebook & YouTube!
Heather Husson
Project Manager / Health Evidence
Enjoyed the session today and the whole series. Excited to hammer out a social media strategy and to get things going!
Peta Kriska
Small Business Administration
Trying not to be overwhelmed by all my new social media knowledge!
Jessica Buffenstein
Small Business Administration
Great presentation on using video social marketing. Made it all seem much more possible
Tim Spalding
Mediator / knockalla Consulting
Thanks SMMU for seminar today! We are a traditional PR company but exploding in Social Media.
Mark Silverstien
Owner / On the Marc Media
I have subscribed to your SMMU updates, and your training is amazing.
Sowmya Rajamani
Small Business Administration / BigTime Media
Doing work! Lovin' this SMMU certification! You think you know but you just don't know!
Michael Tovar
Marketing Professional
@Jeff_Schneider learning mounds of goodness @SMMagic Twitter course u facilitate.
James Easterling
Business Intructor / Southern Careers Institute
@Ekaterina Fine Webinar #SMMU #SMMagic
Jorge Rodriguez Niev
Just finished a great webinar on increasing social media marketing ROI by SMMU - applicable tools and knowledgeable presenters.
Lisa Snodgrass
Career Coach / Purdue University
I am now a Certified Social Media Marketer, Thanks SMMU!
Morgan Mann
Graphic Designer / 1DesignSource
The video aspects that are now being incorporated into social media platforms were the most new to me.
Morgan Mann
Owner, Graphic Designer / 1 Design Source
I am so excited about SMMU and can appreciate what they have done! Its above and beyond what I could have ever thought possible.
L Diane Johnson
Owner / Six Sigma Consulting
I can't tell you how much I learned from your webinar at SMMU. Fantastic!!
Ruth Ann Macklin
Real Estate Virtual Assistant / MyReAssisant.com
Great content today from SMMU regarding Social Media Strategy!
Candace Kriner
Vice President / Cooperate Karma
Loved the session today - looking forward to using the tools and niche sites to make life easier.
Kathy Mordini
Public Relations / North American Precis Syndicate (NAPS)
Great tips on incorporating video into branding strategy!
Cyndy Robinson
Graphic Designer / WebDocDev.com
I like SMMU's sessions on video. Simple & Easy to do! Thanks!
Marc Hudson
Financial Coach
The emphasis on how all of social media works together and the need for a strategy was really defined in the program.
Russell Gonnering
President / Emergent Health Strategies
Great session on using videos and cross-promoting. Great focus on using Social Media to build brand to attract clients.
Alice Irvan
Market Researcher / Airvan Consulting LLC
Just finished grat 90 minute webinar with SMMU. Learned lots. Very useful!
Andy Craven
Founder / Social Media Flare


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