Meet the SMMU Faculty

We search the globe to find the top marketing influencers in order to bring our students the best content possible.


Lou Bortone
Video Marketing for Business
Lou Bortone has over 20 years experience in the broadcast/entertainment industry with a focus on professional video editing and post-production. Additionally, senior management experience at Fox Family Worldwide.

Matt DeYoung
Pay Per Click (PPC) for Business
Matt DeYoung is the founder of 10-Spaces Interactive, a digital marketing agency. Over the last 15 years, he has worked with business of all sizes on their digital marketing–from $1M to over $100M. DeYoung loves coming up with strategies and marketing automation strategies to drive sales and leads.

Michael Hiles
Local Marketing for Business
Michael Hiles has helped numerous executive managements identify and define their market opportunities, map business processes, discuss the management of operations to the delivery of their value proposition, and architect the information management road map to support the business process.

Ty Mays
Strategic Public Relations
Ty Mays is a veteran communications professional, entrepreneur and speaker with extensive public relations and marketing experience and a demonstrated commitment to the development and implementation of innovative communication strategies for companies. (Read More)

Dan Morris
Business Blogging
Dan Morris is known for assisting businesses in getting their blog not only up and running, but also working to increase sales and generate new leads.

Viveka Von Rosen
Linkedin for Business
Listed by Forbes as a top social media influencer, Viveka von Rosen is author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day, contributing “expert” to LinkedIn’s official “Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide” and is known internationally as the “LinkedIn Expert”. (Read More)

Simon Salt
Mobile Marketing for Business
As a Social Media influencer, Simon Salt has been sought out by both large brands and international PR companies alike. He has spoken at major events in the US, Canada and Hong Kong on the topics of Digital, Mobile, and Socia Marketing.

Jeff Schneider
Twitter for Business
Jeff Schneider is the founder and president of, an Edmonton, Alberta-based inbound marketing agency that specializes in developing marketing systems that are goal-oriented, quantifiable, prospect-focused and ROI-driven. (Read More)

Jennifer Shaheen
Facebook for Business, Google+ for Business, Pinterest for Business
Jennifer Shaheen has a unique expertise that combines technical prowess, entrepreneurial insight and marketing acumen. A thought leader and visionary, Jennifer seeks continually to translate today’s digital mysteries into understandable, accessible, actionable information. (Read More)

Mitch Tarr
Email Marketing Strategies Business
Based on the proven principles learned over thousands of campaigns, Mitch Tarr developed the email program Email for Success for SMMU and continues to explore and test new strategies as this marketing channel continues to evolve. (Read More)

Richard Weiler
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Known for keeping an expert handle on the pulse of the SEO industry, Richard Weiler consults for number-one-ranking websites and highly sought after SEO companies, saving companies money by staying ahead of Google’s algorithm changes.

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